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Oxford Falls Grammar School - Tsunami Support 2009.


Oxford Falls Grammar School on Sydneys Northern Beaches recently helped Aid Samoa with 100's of toys, books, pens, pencils you name it! as they attempted to help those affected by the tsunami that hit Samoa in September last year!


An earthquake 100s of kilometres out to sea caused the tsunami to hit the beautiful coastline and basically destroyed anything in its path!


-The aftermath of the tsunami was 1.15% of Samoa's population wiped out (roughly 160 people had their lives taken)

-Over 400 people injured

-Boats lodged in trees

-Homes destroyed

-Wildlife wiped out as well as natural ecosystems 

-35 businesses destroyed along the coastline. Fortunately for Line Up Surf, all of our staff were saved and only part of our surf camp wiped out. It is simply a miracle all of Maninoa surf fales weren't destroyed!


The children of Oxford Falls grammar school have no idea how much they have helped especially the kids in Samoa after many have either lost a parent or even both or have been injured in the Tsunami. The toys, books etc donated are a big help and these children can be very proud of what they achieved here.


If you too would like to make a donation to Samoa, please let us know (02) 9971 8624.

Every bit counts. And though the clean up is now complete there is still re-building going on in most of the coastal tribes on the Upolu coastline of Samoa.


Before Tsunami

Fales_6 falesss


After Tsunami