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Tara Ryan

Tara Ryan - Team Rider (Dee Why)




Tara is the daughter of Line Up owner Wayne. Tara was a sponsored Roxy surfer at the age of 8 and then surfed and competed for Roxy for over 9 years before moving to O'Neill where she rode as a team rider for 2 years before then moving on to becoming a successful magazine writer for Curl (womens surf magazine).

Tara also works for the Quiksilver/Roxy Head Office in a job she absolutely loves. In between juggling her career with Roxy and writing for Curl Tara does surf in the occassional surfing event in the local area e.g. The Jesus Pro Am.

Tara has travelled the world through her surfing adventures and it is through these experiences she is able to write such amazing articles for Curl. It has also given her so much knowledge of the surfing world that she is able to bring what she has learnt into her career in her own dynamic way.

Need less to say, Tara is surely blessed for bigger things to come, which is also good for Line Up Surf.

Tara's Profile:

What other sport do you practice?                  If not, what sport would you do if you weren’t a surfer?

Not necessarily sports, although I do love to exercise. I enjoy road running, the gym & boxing 


Favourite surfspot in Australia:                   Dee Why Point 

Favourite surfspot in Overseas:                  Rip Tides - Maldives


Favourite movie:                                            Endless summer 2


Age you started surfing:                               5 years old

Best manoeuvre:                                            Back hand cut back

How many boards do you have?                  7


Did you make any surftrips the last couple of years, if yes which spots?

The last couple of years I have been to Samoa, The Maldives and America


Which trip did you like the most?                                    

I always love a good Samoa Trip!


Ultimate Surftrip, were would you go and who would you take:

Id love to go to the Seyshells, meant to be some great waves.

Of course my husband would come with me because he would never miss out on a trip.



Sunshine, The Tropics, & days off work


Hecticness, rain & the cold 


Most played song on your Ipod?                  Im loving a café del album called Beach.


Worst habit:                                                      Drinking Coke Cola


Would you rather be free surfer or competitor surfer?

Free surfer for sure, they really have the life!


Who inspires you the most? My Dad


Worst thing about surfing Getting into steamers


Best thing about surfing The thrill! 


If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

My dad has always been my mentor, and I guess going to church every week keeps you sane.


Do you have any Goals that you want to reach in 2011/2012

Defiantly, to better my surfing and climb the ladder.


If I rule the world I….? 

I would work from the beach

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