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Anthony McKay

Anthony McKay - Team Rider (Dee Why)




Anthony is one of the most talented surfers in Dee Why and perhaps one of the best surfers in Sydney! 

He regularly competes in local boardriders contests or local contests put on by surf shops, surfing groups etc...He wins a large amount of these or atleast finishes in a good part of the draw.


He wears his heart on his sleeve and is very brainy with anything to do with surfing, he is a patriotic Aussie and this was proved when we found out only 3 years ago when he came with us on his first ever overseas trip to Samoa staying at Maninoa Surf Camp.


Anthony works part time as a surf coach teaching all levels of surfers from beginning to professional level. He is often asked after by local surfers who have heard about his teaching ability and surfing knowledge.


Anthony is an extremely good aerial surfer, check out his pics below!


IMG_7071 IMG_6942