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Jeremy Wilmotte

Jeremy Wilmotte - Photographer




Jeremy Wilmotte is one of our photogrpahers used for many trips in the past and im sure the future 'Jezza' will feature heavily in our trips. Most of the shots on this website in the photo gallery are from him.


Jezza has been all over the world shooting waves of all sizes but his most memorable trip was last year when he went to Hawaii during the Eddie Akuau big wave contest and also the Pipeline Masters, where he shot some epic waves and actually surfed some massive waves he will never forget.


Despite Jeremy's talent with the camera, he is also a world class surfer and could have gone pro according to him if he trained harder and wanted it more!


Jez was recently enagaged to his partner of 4 years Sarah, and we were over the moon with this announcement earlier this year.


Check out Jeremy's personal website at 




Jeremy Wilmotte - Best Shots