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Charles Stambolieff

Charles Stambolieff - Surf Guide Paradise Island, Maldives




Charles is the new Paradise Island Surf Guide in the Maldives.


Charles just finished a course in Drama, but has put his career as an aspiring actor on hold to go surf in the Maldives with rich people! 


Charles has grown up in Sydney and has never left the country until now, he is an awesome surfer to watch and will no doubt be picked out from the crowd in the many breaks the Maldives has to offer!


He is also a keen soccer player which im sure the Maldivians will love him for! He and our other surf guide Matthew Ayton (Cokes Surf Camp) have already gained the nickname 'HALFBRAINS' and if you get the chance to ever meet these two larikans you will understand why! only kidding...



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