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Tim Southall

Tim Southall - Surf Guide Maldives


Tim Southall


Tim is our new surfguide in the Maldives, herefore is was our very trusty and much loved by all Surf Guide in Samoa.

He is originally from South Australia but has been living in Samoa for about 8 years working for us as a surf guide and mentor for local village people.

He speaks the language fluently and has been there so long, at the moment he changed place and now he is going to do surfguiding at our resorts in the Maldives


When the 2009 Tsunami hit Samoa. Tim guided many people to safety with his local knowledge and intelligence. Of course Tim wouldn't call himself a hero, as he was adiment he was just doing his job and anyone with an ounce of common sense would have done the same! Never the less there are many great full people for Tim's efforts in and out of the water during this traumatic time.


Along with Maninoa's amazing family and staff led by Lene and Araisa, Tim was a big part of our success in Samoa and guests often return for many years after just because of Tims great surf guide ability and his love for his job and people around him.

Many professional surfers and photographers have visited Maninoa for photo shoots and have all agreed without Tim they would not have got the waves they did!